Adapting to THE New Norm in Corporate space

The only constant in life is change. In evolutionary biology, there is a concept of “Punctuated Equilibrium”.  Which basically refers to evolutionary changes of plants and animals in a relatively static state. Simply means, the longer periods of stability in nature are disrupted and upset by short periods of rapid changes. Closer home of this phenomenon is; a worm species that lives in the soil in a particular climate and suddenly there is sudden climate change that causes change in the soil pH. This change causes some worms to die but those that survive adapt and reproduce with the ability to withstand the pH change in the soil. The worm species return to stasis.  Our stasis therefore is the “new normal” post the Covid-19 pandemic.

The current new normal sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic is changing how we always did things. Businesses are frantically working to find their feet in the dawn of this new normal. Any business can be agile. This is not dependent on having the most cutting-edge technology but simply the organization’s ability to quickly adapt to the changing business environment. This new normal will be based on trust in contrast to pre-COVID-19 normal. The professional fronts as well as the personal lives will be habituated with virtual experiences. Businesses will need to focus on building new customer relationships through efficient and effective digital and virtual experiences. The enterprises that will survive the new normal are the ones that cater to their customers through the pandemic into the new normal.

One thing for sure is new trends will emerge. Business leaders all over the globe are trying to restructure their business goals and facilities to  

The trends that will emerge:

  • Technology will power the new normal: Automation and AI adoption will continue to play a critical role for businesses to support their functions in delivering value to their customers and supporting their employees. Companies that want to thrive during and after the pandemic will need robust infrastructure to support their functions.
  • Globalization: Business leaders all over the world are going to come up with policies that work for everyone post COVID-19. This will see a further integration of lives globally.
  • Fixed office timing: There is a less focus on fixed office timing and more companies are focusing on remote working to limit contact.

To survive and adapt to the new normal, business and their business leaders need to:

  • Experiment: Companies need to perform systemic and experimenting with systems and new things to find better ways to perform and produce high quality of service and products. Companies need to get out of their comfort zones and experiment with new things.
  • Ask for feedback: Feedback is great resource for approval and development. Feedback is necessary for evaluating and improving the quality of the work not about you as a business owner. Company owners can request, listen and analyze feedback to assess how effective transition is. Moreover, feedback is not limited to only your customers but also employees.
  • Work Together: Now more than ever, colleagues need to collaborate because of remote work and virtual experiences. One can easily feel cut-out and things can easily go south.
  • Consult the Experts: Experts have vast knowledge and experiences. They will bring insights that can help identify problems and opportunities to ensure that your strategy best suits your firm.

Adapting to the new normal in the workplaces is going to strain our psychological muscles. We will need to work closely together to whether this transition. Embrace technology and digitization. Lastly, have an open mind to accommodate uncertainty in the future.


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